BitDefender Family Pack Review

Bitdefender Family Pack Review for Computer Users

Providing security to internet devices is a must and if you are looking for a package that will look after all of your devices, Bitdefender Family Pack is probably the best package available. Equipped with a powerful engine to detect viruses and maintain system high-speed, Bitdefender Family Pack safeguards all of the existing or new devices at your home.

Bitdefender has established great reputation for its highly powerful and updated virus detection engines. It continues its good record in 2013 with all of the reputed third party labs certifying it for its ability to detect new and old virus definitions.

Bitdefender Family Pack Review


BitDefender Family Pack ReviewBitdefender Family Pack has an easy installation process to follow. You can modify some settings according to your preference during the installation process. The installation process is very fast. It takes around two minutes which is half of the amount of required time two years ago.

User Interface

Bitdefender has a user friendly interface that allows users to find the key features very quickly. It uses a dark theme which looks pretty cool. It shows the computer safety status on the top of the main dashboard. The green color on the safety status indicates the perfect safety condition, the yellow color means attention of the user is needed for some issues and the red color indicates severe security threats.
The user interface uses tiles to assemble the key features on the main dashboard. Further configurations can be made by clicking on the relevant tiles menus.

Key Features

Bitdefender Family Pack comes with all the available features of BitDefender Antivirus. You can use the Safepay mode to complete your financial transactions with this package. The Safepay is an interesting feature that isolates your activity and creates a virtual space for you to safely launch banking or money transfers. You can customize this option to enable for specific sites, or you can simply jump to this mode to start your browsing.

The main feature of the Bitdefender Family Pack is that it monitors all your devices to ensure maximum safety. With this package, you don’t have to worry whether you have a Mac or not. If you are going to buy a new smart phone for your wife or child, this package can offer you the necessary safety.

Bitdefender Family Pack is an all-in-one package that ensures protection for your PC, Mac or any other smart devices. You do not need to buy different packages to manage your Mac and PC separately. It ranks your searched results to alert you about possible dangers. This is to confirm the safety of the sites you are about to visit and prevent potential malicious site contents.

Bitdefender Family Pack offers a great tool for the parents to monitor and control their children’s activity on the Internet. Using the filters, parents can easily block any site on the Internet. It can detect flagged phrases or words attached in email or IM and block it for your children’s safety. You can even set specific application’s access to Internet for a set period of time to control your children’s Internet activity further.

Technical Support

Bitdefender Family Pack has a help option on its dashboard that provides some frequently asked questions and their answers. Bitdefender has some video tutorials as well on their website to help users install and handle this program perfectly. There is a phone number available on the Contact Us page on its website that will help you reach live customer support any time.

BitDefender Family Pack Review: Conclusion

Bitdefender Family Pack is a very powerful and effective anti-virus to ensure your Internet safety. This package will relieve you from paying unnecessary money for your devices of different brands. You can enjoy this all-in-one package for only $69.96.

To save its users from spending some valuable money and make its product more affordable, Bitdefender is offering a 50% discount. You need to use a coupon code on the Shopping Cart page of its official website. Luckily, I have a coupon that may help you in this purpose. You may use my Bitdefender coupon code below on Bitdefender’s official site to enjoy this reduced price. So to ensure your family’s safety on the web, go ahead and enjoy this great offer.

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